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Look at him! A consultant,
With laptop bag and carry-on,
Trudging past the lighted signs
Of closing shops and restaurants;
You can see the crazy week
Of sleepless nights, of earnest fights,
Reflected in his pale red eyes;
But it's strange - were you to go
And tap his shoulders drooping low
He'll turn around with nothing but
A smiling face!

A smiling face that's attentive,
A smiling face that's engaging,
A smiling face that understands
That you have all the rights to think
That he has answers ready-made
For any quest that you seem fit
To ask of him.

He knows his words are important -
Every one that leaves his lips
And imprints in the minds of men,
In reviews and documents;
Hence he thinks and answers well,
Sometimes in long-wound sentences,
But more often, a terse reply -
No more than that.

More than that, he doesn't want
To just let go with "I don't know"
And pushes thoughts to frontiers
Unexplored unimagined
To find a cue - an estimate -
And then improve upon …
It Was Not Love

I thought it was the moonlit night,
The silent birds and vagrant wind
That partook the 'bye' before
The separation by the seas
But 'twas not love!

I thought it was the year long wait
With letters long to fill the space
Whose lines we read a hundred times
And poured our hearts more than the blue
But 'twas not love!

I thought it was the sudden kiss
That once escaped from my lips,
The widened eyes that showed surprise
And joy and warmth of homecoming
But 'twas not love!

I thought it was the trembling hands
And throbbing heart that yearned for me
The silent sobs and violent sighs
Which broke my heart and filled my eyes
But 'twas not love!
Have a Safe Flight!

"Are you scared?"
"I'm terrified!"
"Your first time?"
"Yes... I don't believe in rebirths."
"Oh my! You are scared!
Take some deep breaths;
Everything will be all right.
Have a safe flight!"

Little did the agent know
That I fly every week;
I was talking about my life!
Boring Co-traveller
[A conversational poem]

"You are the most reticent co-traveller that I ever had!"
"Dude, I fly every week."
Yes, but you live only once!
[One monday in march, when the elevator doors opened, there were four ladies wearing all brightly colored dresses and, I remarked to myself:]

Spring in the elevator!
In two hours
Into two suitecases
He packed two years of his life