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The Sunday after Easter

I was in church
It was the Sunday after Easter
The day when Jesus appeared in the closed room.

During the sermon,
When the priest was talking about the appearance,
My thoughts wandered...
To the closed room that my heart was

He knocked
I wanted to open the door
But I was afraid

Yet, he entered.

How did he get in?
How did he get the keys?

Then I smiled.

The door to the heart is not opened by a key.


उसनेमुझसेपूछा, मैंनेमनाकिया।
उसनेमुझसेपूछा, फिरसेमनाकिया॥

उसनेमुझसेपूछा, मैंनेनानकहा।
उसनेमुझसेपूछा, मैंनेहाँकरडाला॥

मैंनेउसकोरोका, उसनेमनाकिया।
मैंनेउसकोरोका, फिरसेमनाकिया॥

मैंनेउसकोरोका, उसनेनानकहा॥
मैंनेउसकोरोका, वहमुझकोबदल डाला ॥



He asked me, I said no.
He asked me, I said no again.
He asked me, I didn't say no;
He asked me, I said yes.

I stopped him, he said no;
I stopped him, he said no again.
I stopped him, he didn't say no;
I stopped him, he changed me forever!

This Time, this Space -
Just for me;
This Time, this Space -
Best for me!

A Sufi Poem

O Mirror! I am so jealous of you;
How many times you have seen my Beloved in all her beauty!