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ശകലം - 7/10/2016

ദാഹം വന്തേൻ, നീർ വന്തീർ
ദാഹത്തിനു നീർ പോലെത്താൻ

(ദാഹം = ദാ + അഹം = ഇതാ ഞാൻ )

I looked in the mirror

I looked in the mirror
Into the eyes of a little boy
With whom I had done great injustice.

His soft brown eyes,
Gazed back into mine,
Brimming with tears,
While he gently bit down his quivering lips

How I wish I could pick him up in my arms
And kiss on both his cheeks!

But for this sheet of glass between us,
This pane of reality that separates us - 
The real and the unreal,
The past and the present

You had looked up to me
As you are doing now
When I first took you in

I promised you wings for your dreams
Little did I realize
That I had tied them down
With strings of fear 


Love is what remains after the passions have passed.